A review of the Incorporation’s share portfolio has resulted in the adoption of a Managed Portfolio Service that provides us with a personalised investment advisory service that takes into account our current financial situation, our needs and objectives, and our attitude to risk.

The Committee of Management has directed that the portfolio must accumulate wealth; generate long term capital growth and income; diversify some of its funds outside of New Zealand; its time-frame medium to long term (10 years plus); its investments be of a conservative nature.

However, the bulk of the investments must be as liquid as possible and able to be traded on the open market should circumstances change and funds are required at short notice.  

The Incorporation has various income streams and this Investment Portfolio is to further diversify the overall asset base and start to add assets outside of the core business units we already operate - dairy/sheep/meat/wool/beef/grazing/forestry. 

The Investment Portfolio is managed by Craigs’ Investment Partners, Hamilton.