Dividends and grants are made annually and the total value is based on a percentage of Te Uranga B2's nett profit.


Recommended by the Committee of Management at the Annual General Meeting usually convened early November.



Applications are received throughout the year. Owners who have reached the age of 65 years are eligible. Copy of a birth certificate, or a drivers license, or a marriage certificate must be presented as proof of age. The value of the grant is determined annually.

Kaumatua Registration Form ... to download form click here

Te Oranga Health  

Applications are received throughout the year and approval is on a case by case basis. The Committee of Management determines the amount that will be awarded. The value and the number of grants is determined annually.


The sum of $500 is available to assist with tangi expenses on application by a person closely associated with an owner who has deceased.


The purpose, value and number of grants is determined annually.   

Forest Access Permit

Taumata Plantations Ltd, owners of the pine trees on Ue Pango, have given us the right to award people access to the forest for gathering firewood, horse riding, tramping, or hunting. The conditions of access are strict to ensure time in the forest is enjoyable and safe.    

Click here to download Access Permit Form

Sponsorships and Community Support

Duffy Books In Homes

The Duffy Books In Homes programme is about encouraging children to read. Its key messages are 'It's Cool to Read' and 'It's Cool to Achieve'

Te Uranga B2 Inc. as sponsors of this programme allow all children at Te Kura o Nga Iwi e Toru ki Taumarunui to own five (5) brand new books a year! The children choose their own books to take home and keep!

To find out what else the children get from this sponsorship ... click here

Tutsan Action Group (TAG)

Tutsan is an invasive weed that is gaining a foothold in the Taumarunui region. 

TAG started in 2007 when Horizons Regional Council and a group of concerned local farmers joined with Landcare to get tutsan listed on Horizons' weed strategy plan. Landcare has identified that tutsan is more of a problem in the North Island than the South Island and that tutsan rust appears to be more effective on SI populations than NI plants, but it's not known why. No tutsan-specific insects have been found and a specific rust seems the most likely possibility as a control agent. Surveys in the UK and Europe show 2 insects have been found feeding specifically on tutsan and may be potential bio-control agents here.

TAG aims to inform landowners and the community on how to identify, control and eradicate tutsan through group meetings, press releases and magazine articles. Te Uranga B2 is one of local TAG sponsors.

Read more about tutsan ...

Taringamotu River Scheme

Te Uranga B2's Koromiko dairy farm borders a small portion of the Taringamotu River.

The Taringamotu River has its headwaters in the Pureora Forest flowing east then south until it flows into the Ongarue River at just north of Taumarunui. Most of the river catchment is steep farmland with pockets of river floodplain providing valuable flat land for cropping and making hay or silage and in our case dairy grazing.

Over the years willows have been planted to try secure river banks but instead have impeded the flow of water; flooding has resulted in bank erosion and altered river channels threatening the productivity of the fertile river plains. Instead of previous adhoc approaches to river control Horizons Regional Council, with input from landowners, is implementing a managed approach to channel maintenance and improvements for the Taringamotu River.

Donna Tuwhangai, CoM member represents the incorporation on the Taringamotu River Liaison Committee.  

Ngakonui School Area 

This is a venture between the Incorporation, Horizons (Manawatu Wanganui Regional Council) and the local Ngakonui Valley School. Horizons (m.w.) provides native plant seedlings to the School whose senior students tend them for 12 months before planting them out in the environmental area at Koromiko, in what is the last remaining stand of indigenous forest on the dairy farm. the concept is from horizons (m.w.) 'trees for schools' project, with the Ngakonui Valley School being the only school participating in the Taumarunui district.

Read more about Ngakonui Valley School and it's latest newsletters ...

Taumarunui Speed Shears

Each year, a week before the Golden Shears in Masterton, Taumarunui holds the ‘Speed Shears’ attracting topflight shearers like Fagan and Kirkpatrick, who use the competition as pre-training before the national competition. The Incorporation provides the sheep for shearing and is becoming well-known for the quality of its wool and sheep.

Taumarunui Rugby and Sports Club

The Taumarunui Rugby & Sports club was formed in 1908 and provides a facility for the youth of Taumarunui to play sport and socialize among themselves, hopefully forging friendships that often last forever. The club has the only senior rugby team now in town and this year (2012) had 3 netball teams. The club's top netball team won the local end of season tournament and its rugby team were King Country champions last year and runners up this season.

The club is run totally on a voluntary basis.

Te Uranga B2 Inc. is one of many local sponsors making it possible to provide this valuable service to the Taumarunui's youth and community at large.