Our Story

The Incorporation exists to manage its assets in the long term interests of our shareholders. Our core business is to grow our assets, develop our business and provide benefits to our people. We are focused on creating intergenerational equity through land management and food production.

We actively pursue and apply sustainable business practices as demonstrated by our environmental management planning and strategic partnerships. We seek out opportunities to work with our community and business partners to support the local economy.

Demographic and economic reports show that Maori have a significant and immediate role to play in the future of Aotearoa New Zealand. To realise this potential, we will join forces with likeminded strategic partners to invest in our business, grow our asset base, and build the capacity and capability of our people to improve their quality of life, and   that of our future shareholders.  

We know this is a long-term strategy and, like our Tupuna, we have the time and dedication to achieve the necessary incremental and exponential gains.

Planning by the Century

1910: The Incorporation was first established in 1910 for the purposes of retaining land ownership, managing the land and providing benefits for the owners. One hundred years later, Te Uranga remains and these strategic sentiments continue to resonate and guide the Incorporation’s enterprise and operations.

2013: We are committed to continuing the legacy vision of our tūpuna by regaining our corpus land, growing and diversifying our asset base, developing a profitable business that keeps pace with economic and market changes through commercial innovation, strategic alliances and joint ventures, and providing benefits for our shareholders.

2113: The Incorporation of the future will operate a diverse enterprise which integrates the social, cultural and economic imperatives of our shareholders who will be global citizens with a multi-ethnic whakapapa, and wide reaching interests and priorities. The corpus land will remain the tūrangawaewae for our shareholders who might return for an annual pilgrimage or wānanga to the whenua. The enterprise infrastructure will be based on the global spectrum of which the Incorporation will be a member.

Matters of Importance

Our land and our people 

Our Vision

Productive land and productive people

Our Mission

Developing our land, growing our business and empowering people 

Strategy 2013-2016


Leading with courage, conviction, honour, integrity and dignity.


To be a responsible corporate citizen.


  • Establish partnerships and alliances with likeminded entities in the primary industry
  • Work with local business and supply partners to support the local economy
  • Participate in local social and economic initiatives
  • Join regional and national primary sector/industry groups
  • Join cluster and focus groups on natural resources, industry policy and practices
  • Create a business and working environment which promotes the Incorporation as a ‘rural business partner and employer of choice’
  • Take every opportunity to participate in local government and territorial authority planning and development


The Incorporation is recognised and valued as a strategic partner of economic importance, and has established industry and market relationships, regionally and nationally.


Managing a sustainable, viable enterprise.


To operate an effective, efficient and integrated primary industry operation.


  • Review operations to ensure highest and best land use on all land
  • Update our policies on land use and land management
  • Update our One Farm plan and Sustainable Land Use Initiative
  • Identify and implement most effective and efficient industry best-practice models
  • Investigate opportunities for further land management/use diversification
  • Maintaining a commitment to continuous improvement
  • Meaningfully investigate innovative land use and agribusiness practices which contribute to more effective, efficient, profitable enterprise


Profitable primary industry enterprise, strong returns for our shareholders, exemplary environmental management infrastructure, and innovative industry practices.


Retaining our lands, operating our enterprise and growing our assets for our shareholders.


To conduct our business in manner physical and financial performance, environmental enhancement, cultural and social responsibility.


  • Identify best-return on-farm development and off-farm investment opportunities
  • Adopt latest innovation initiatives appropriate to our enterprise and operations
  • Research opportunities for alternative land use across all land classes
  • Research market opportunities for Pa Harakeke
  • Purchase original land-holdings as market opportunities arise
  • To contain our environmental footprint while increasing our economic returns
  • [Identify ways for shareholders to reconnect with the land and their whakapapa]


A diversified enterprise and investment portfolio which realises the potential of the land, and increases both on and off-farm returns.


Responding to the needs of our shareholders and stakeholders.


To make available benefits to our shareholders and provide support to our wider community.


  • Identify opportunities to promote the Incorporation through participation in community and regional initiatives
  • Support local and regional social and economic development
  • Build our relationship with our shareholders through multi-media communications
  • Work with our shareholders to ascertain and archive whakapapa, history and items of cultural significance to the Incorporation
  • Implement a professional governance and leadership training and development programme
  • Create a distribution model which achieves enterprise reinvestment and tangible benefits to registered shareholders/owners


The Incorporation ‘s shareholder based comprises quality governors, strong leaders, qualified professionals, well informed, well connected owners, a strong community and long-time community partners.