Te Uranga B2 Incorporation was established in 1958. Located on the Ngakonui Ongarue Road about 13kms north east of Taumarunui, is approximately 2369 hectares (5851 acres).

Dairy Units

Koromiko (269ha)

Managed under 50/50 share-milking agreement with Luke and Shannon Pepper.

Koromiko runs 600 cows.

Paatara (131ha )

Managed under 50/50 share-milking agreement with Dean Marshall.

Paatara runs 360 cows.

Sheep and Beef Unit

Upoko (1.123ha)

Managed by Rod Walker and assisted by a shepherd and a general hand.

Runs 140 Angus breeding cows and 5,500 mixed aged Romney/Coopworth ewes. 

Ngāherehere (Forestry)

Nga Whenua Rahui Kawenata (totaling 120ha)

Nga Whenua Rahui is a national project aimed at encouraging Māori landowners to protect and re-establish regenerating native forest and other ecosystems on their land.  

Woodlots (total land area of 45ha)

The Incorporation has a number of pine tree & eucalyptus nitens woodlots, & three poplar nurseries on Upoko. These plots are being managed under the Environmental portfolio and pruned by the Ngahere Trust (a local community work group). The poplar trees are used for stakes to stop land erosion and have other uses around the farm.

Ue Pango - Hancock Timber Resource Group

(total land area of 523ha)

Ue Pango forms the majority of what is a ‘forestry right' with Hancock Timber resource Group. The Incorporation continues to own the land, but has no share in stumpage.