Ue Pango - Hancock Timber Resource Group

Total land area of 523ha

Uepango map

In the early 1990s the Committee of Management's review of this newly acquired block showed that it was returning less than 1% as sheep and beef land. As a result the CoM wanting to improve its revenue, with the aid of a Poutama Trust Grant commissioned Tanira Kingi to prepare a forestry feasibility report. His recommendation on completion was that we would need to enter a joint venture relationship to establish a pine forest of any significance.

This idea was laid to rest until Carter Holt Harvey made it known they were looking for land, to either purchase or lease, on which to plant radiata pine. The CoM duly entered into a forestry right with Carter Holt Harvey allowing CHH to the land for a single rotation-plantation, paying an annual royalty based on the Grazing Farmland Price Index. The first payment was on the 31 March 1996 for $36,000. The forestry right expires on 31 March 2029.

The right has been transfered to Hancock Timber Resource Group giving them ownership of the no-prune regime pine forest. When it harvests HTRG is obligated to replant pine in the winter following clearfell, carry out first release and ensure on vacation that all infrastucture is in good repair. The second rotation will belong to the owners of Te Uranga B2 should they choose.


Total land area of 45ha

woodlots map

The Incorporation has a number of pine tree & nitens woodlots, & three poplar nurseries on Hikurangi Station. These plots are being managed under the Environmental portfolio and pruned by the Ngahere Trust (a local community work group). Thepoplar trees are used for stakes to stop land erosion and have other uses around the farm.